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Here at Chicago Teacher, Inc.,  we have noticed that the "facts" are constantly being overlooked in the classroom.  Do a little extra work over the holidays. Catch up AND make it fun! 

All products from flashcards to games that reinforce math facts will be 20% off this weekend only (December 7th & 8Th).

Multiplication Connect Four 
by Teacher Created Resources, Retail $18.99          

This is a Chicago Teacher favorite.  This game requires more than just the facts.  Use strategy to create four-in-a-row or block your opponent.  Not just for kids! 

Multiplication Match 
by Match Learner, Retail $19.99
(available in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division) 
This fact game is equally challenging as it requires recall and memory.  Great for multiple players of all ages.  Cards are made of sturdy stock even for the toughest kids.  

Multiplication Wrap-Ups 
by Learning Wrap Up, Retail $9.99
(available in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction, States & Capitals) 
Wraps-Ups have been around for years.  They are an unusual way to learn the facts and offer self correcting.  Kids can work quietly.  Great for travel or quiet time.

Classic Flashcards.... 
by TREND Ent, Retail $7.99-$14.99 
(available in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and

Go for the big one.  It is worth the extra cash.  It comes with ALL facts, meaning, all the onsies, all the twosies, and so on.  And this is our number one seller for children utilizing Everyday Math in the classroom.  
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Save 20%
Remember 1+1=2 days of savings on any product that reinforces math facts this weekend!

(includes math flashcards, bingos, and games showcased above)

Offer Good: December7 & 8, 2013