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Hey all you warriors - 
Well, you did it.  You made it through, yet another Back to School.  Here, at Chicago Teacher, Inc., we are impressed with all of you - especially those who started in early August.  Why that was an eternity ago in teacher years..... And you are still rolling on.  Kudos to raising the bar for all those Labor Day starters.....

We hope your year continues to fly by and that you find us here waiting for your queries and support.  Chicago Teacher, Inc. is still open 7 days a week and on Monday holidays during the school year.



Are you following the law?  Or do you think you are following the law? 


Gosh, we really did not want to have this conversation, but, WOW, the amount of mis-use of tax exempt numbers is at an all time high at Chicago Teacher, Inc.  And that makes us nervous.  Downright uncomfortable, if you will.  We are law abiding citizens here at Chicago Teacher, Inc.  We have a feeling most people do not really know the limits of the Tax Exempt Law in the State of Illinois.  So, if your boss or Principal has not explained how their organization's tax exempt number should be used, let Chicago Teacher, Inc. do that for them. 


It is important and it is the law.


First and foremost, the State of Illinois issues Tax Exempt numbers to non profit organizations with educational or religious purposes. An organization is tax exempt if it qualifies as a non for profit

Purchases by employees of a tax exempt organization must be made for the exclusive use of the organization or classroom, and may not be used for personal purchases. The tax exempt number may only be used by an employee of a tax exempt organization - not their husband, their mother, their sister, their roommate, their dentist, or any other person not exclusively authorized to use the tax exempt number.

Finally it must be valid and current at the time of sale.  

Please, Please, do not put us in a compromising position anymore by sending in your best bud to use your tax exempt number.  You are jeopardizing your organizations status as a tax exempt organization and jeopardizing our business license.  We appreciate your understanding and want you to realize it is really a matter of following the law.

Chicago Teacher Inc. is so serious about this, that if you take the time to read and print this, we will give you 20% off your next purchase (see coupon below).


 Once again, thank you for understanding our position.  We love our customers and realize that the reason you shop at Chicago Teacher Inc. is because you are constantly buying and thinking of new creative things  for your classroom.  We want to  support you for everything you do - as long as it is all on the 'up and up ':).



Belinda Carucci, Owner

Chicago Teacher, Inc.


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