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Hello Chicagoland Teachers!  Did you survive back to school??  Chicago Teacher, Inc did!   Whew!  We are exhilarated and exhausted at the same time , if that is possible.  And if you are a teacher,  you might be feeling the same way.....
 Let's start off by giving you a great big THANK YOU for making BTS such an enormous success and great fun for us at Chicago Teacher, Inc.   It was wonderful to see all of our old friends back and well rested.  We also loved making new friends this year and there were a lot of them!  Thank you, thank you  for taking the time to find us.   We hope you discovered that Chicago Teacher, Inc. has everything that your educationally driven heart desires! 
Chicago Teacher, Inc  appreciates your business and the fact that you come back again and again.   All of us  here at Chicago Teacher, Inc. would really enjoy hearing how your year is going.
Welcome Governor Quinn!
Chicago Teacher, Inc welcomed Illinois Governor  Pat Quinn to give a press conference during the first ever, Illinois State Sales Tax Holiday this summer.  Governor Quinn wanted to kick off the sales tax holiday at a place that caters to teachers.  Needless to say, he found us, Chicago Teacher, Inc.  We certainly do love teachers!
Take a look at What We Loved During BTS 2010! 
Well, we are not going to lie, here at Chicago Teacher, Inc. we love a lot of things:  sunny skies, Starbucks, Monday holidays, goldfish crackers... This year, however, we took a strong liking to some new companies and some great products.   
 Two companies new to Chicago Teacher, Inc. were Ashley Products and Frog Street Press.   
  • Ashley Products:  Our favorite product from Ashley is their self-adhesive desk plate pockets. Teachers love them for keeping desks neat and clean.  Other great products from Ashley include the BIG timer, magnetic erasers,  classroom bells,  and a variety of blank books. 
  •  Frog Street Press:  This company snuck up on us this year.  They have fun, trendy designs, that are not your run of the mill apple and bus decoratives.  Think paisley, swirls, and dots in bright vibrant colors.  Between you and us, we have even found uses for these designs outside of the classroom - they are just that darn cool!
We also loved this product from Educational Insights:
 Hot Dots!: Chicago Teacher, Inc.  has been
invaded by these wonderful little assessing dots.
Use Hot Dot Power Pen for instant feedback with light
and sound to grab a student's attention.  Hot Dots are perfect for centers, independent activity, or review.  No matter how you use them, they are HOT, HOT, HOT!

  Got Free Time? 

Chicago Teacher, Inc. is looking for a few warm bodies to help out after school and weekends.  Chicago Teacher, Inc. loves hiring from its customer base and if you think you have some free time on your hands, give us a call.  Keep in mind, you gotta be super smart, super friendly, and super organizied.  

 *Stop in for an application or call Belinda directly, 773.252.8200.
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