chicago teacher, inc
It's time for our Annual Lamination Sale! 
Dig out those dingy posters! Finish up those Thanksgiving place mats! Put together all those center kits you've been avoiding!

1/2 Price Laminating-
All November long!

You can laminate just about anything- except staples, glitter, and small children!
Our 27" machine can handle all material 26" or less in width.

This only happens once a year!
Save 50%
on all laminating

Regular Lamination Prices:
In-House Material- $1.50/linear foot
Outside Material- $2.00/linear foot

**Coupon not necessary

Offer Expires: November 30

Just a reminder it's a GHOST TOWN here at Chicago Teacher on Halloween, so we will be CLOSED. But we will be open Saturday, November 1, with our regular store hours.